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Managing in the Next Normal

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Sunday Seminar

The Pillars That Will Define
The Future of Project Management


Project management practices, just like other management practices, have undergone changes over the past five decades. Executives in both government agencies and private industry are now realizing that project management is not just a career path position for workers, but a strategic competency necessary for the future of their organization. The goal is not merely to work on projects, but to create sustainable long-term business value and benefits from the projects, and to be able to make rapid decisions based upon evidence and facts rather than guesses. This will require all workers, including senior managers, project managers, and support organizations to have a better understanding of the changes that are expected to take place in the project management landscape over the next decade and to implement some of the changes that best fit their vision for the future of their firm.

Executives in both the government and in private industry are the architects of the future of project management. At this seminar/webinar, you will be provided with a “window into the future” so that you can decide how best to plan for the implementation of expected business drivers. Project managers will see how their job will be changing over the next decade and can prepare for it in a timely manner.

PILLARS OF CHANGE: The landscape for project management changes almost every year. Some changes are relatively small or incremental and can be implemented quickly whereas other changes may require significant organizational support before becoming reality. Major changes to project management will occur in this decade due to much of the new material that PMI has published in the Standard for Project Management and the continuous worldwide growth in project management.

Most of the critical changes that are expected to happen in 2022 and continuing through this decade can be clustered into pillars of project management. These pillars could very well change the face of project management for at least a decade rather than just for 2022.

Pillars discussed in this presentation include:
  • Managing strategic projects
  • Project management becomes a strategic competency
  • New forms of project leadership
  • New skills for project managers
  • New definitions of project success and failure

Dr. Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., MS, Engineering and MBA

Seminar Speaker Harlod is Senior Executive Director with International Institute for Learning, Inc. and Professor Emeritus of Systems Management at Baldwin-Wallace College. Dr. Kerzner is an expert in the areas of project management and strategic planning.

Harold is the author of the best-selling books about project management. International Institute for Learning, in cooperation with PMI, has initiated the Kerzner International Project Manager of the Year Award announced yearly for one project manager worldwide that has demonstrated excellence in project management. The University of Illinois has granted Dr. Kerzner a Distinguished Alumni Award for his contributions to the field of project management.

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Sunday Seminar

Pillars of Future PM

01 May
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